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Making a booking with Nexarent Car rental


PICK-UP Location and Returned Location and
Select the dates and time.

Browse available vehicles and choose the one that meets your needs.

Choose available extras.

Fill in your details to confirm your reservation.


Which documents are necessary to hire a car?

  • E-mail confirmation.
  • Original driving license.
  • Original passport or ID card.
  • Your credit card.

Can I book a car for today?

Yes, You simply need to choose today’s date and the time you’d like to collect the car. Please note that if you need a car at very short notice, we may need to check the availability of Cars.

Do I need an international driving licence?

If you do not have an EU license you will also need an international driving license to rent a car.

My credit card charged during the reservation?

YES, during reservation, you will Charge for Car and any Extras you choose.

At the airport, where do I get the car?

You’ll find all the information regarding where to collect your car in the confirmation email sent to you when you book a car.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Payments can be done using a debit or credit card.

We do not accept American Express, Maestro, Diners, prepaid cards, and cash for Deposits.

The hirer must present a Credit Card for the Excess Block and Car Deposit. 

In the case where a customer has a Debit Card, it can only be used when purchasing the company’s Medium or Total protection plans which reduces the excess liability block and has a low vehicle deposit. 

Accepted cards stated above must be in the main driver’s name with sufficient funds available to cover the excess liability and deposit. Failure to provide a valid card may result in the booking being cancelled and no funds for the prepaid amount reimbursed.

How do you count the days of the car hire?

The days are counted in sections of 24 hours from the time of collection.

Can I bring a photocopy of my passport/ID card/driving licence?

No, the original is always required. Photocopies are NOT accepted.

I need to reserve a child seat/booster. How and when do I book one?

You need to request this when making your booking or Write an Email at >reservations@nexarent.com

Can I use another person credit card to make a reservation?

You can, however, keep in mind that the person signing the contract needs to be the cardholder of a valid credit card.

I have not received the confirmation email. What should I do?

Please check that you provided the correct e-mail address. If you made a booking more than 24 hours ago and you have not received a confirmation email, the most likely possibility is that the email was blocked by the Anti-Spam service of your email account. Please, check that the confirmation email is not in the “SPAM”, “Junk Mail” or “Unwanted Mail” file of your email account. If you cannot find the confirmation e-mail, please contact us at >reservations@nexarent.com

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